Dr. Megan Moser

Even as a kid, I knew I wanted to work or be around animals as much as I could. As I evolved into more vet care as a veterinary technician, I then realized I wanted to be even more involved with their well-being and health. That’s when I attended St. George’s Veterinary School. After graduation, I settled down in San Francisco. While there, I worked at a 24-hour emergency hospital and general practices for 12 years. The best thing about veterinary medicine for me is solving the most complex of cases and providing relief to pets and humans alike, during difficult times. Some of my toughest and most memorable cases were dealing with animals that were suffering from second- and third-degree burns. Most were from house or apartment fires and their needs and treatment plans were complex. Helping to get them through their recovery was amazingly fulfilling.

Since I was previously living on the West Coast, I am excited to explore the different neighborhoods and restaurants the Chicago area has to offer.

More about Dr. Moser:

Special interests in veterinary medicine?


Most unusual pet she’s treated?

Iguana and a Horned Owl

Favorite place to visit?

La Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Favorite sports team?


Three things people might be surprised to know:

  1. I am number 7 of 8 children. (Irish Catholic, of course!).
  2. My favorite song is “Brandy” by Looking Glass.
  3. If I wasn’t a vet, I would be a criminologist.