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Because They're Family

Pets are more than companions; they're family members, and they deserve a level of care that goes beyond meeting their basic needs. At Companion Animal Hospital of Wicker Park, we believe in improving the lives of your pets with high-quality medicine that treats them like the individual they are.

Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Park: Doing So Much More for Your Pet's Health

Pets brighten up our city as nothing else can, and they brighten up our lives, too. At Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Park, we know just how important pets are to their families, and that helping them stay healthy is about more than a balanced diet and daily walks. We’re committed to giving area pet parents essential information about what their pet really needs to live their best life, and delivering excellent medical, surgical, and emergency care whenever it’s needed.

Taking a Fear-Free Approach to Medicine

We care as much about your pet’s mental health as we do their physical health. Therefore, our team members have dedicated themselves to making our animal hospital a calmer, more comfortable place for our patients. This lets us take the level of care we provide and kick it up a notch for your pet’s benefit, and yours.

Veterinarian in Wicker Park, IL

How We Serve Area Pets

Every service your pet needs to keep their health in check can be found at our animal hospital in Wicker Park.
This includes:

  • Preventative care including exams, vaccinations, and blood testing
  • Professional dental care and at-home recommendations
  • Surgery, including spay and neuter
  • Digital radiography and in-house lab testing
  • Education and behavior counseling
  • Allergy management and skin care
  • Emergency medical and surgical care
  • ...and more

We Can't Wait to Be Your Vet

Our doors will be opening to the community in July, and you're more than welcome to stop in and say hello! Taking care of people and their pets is what we love most, and we're excited to see our family grow.

Join us in July--we are sincerely looking forward to meeting you and your pet!