Cat and Dog Grooming in Wicker Park, Chicago

Dogs can get dirty. We’ve all seen them roll around in the mud, dirt, and some far worse things! Yet, not all dirt and grime are so obvious. Your pet’s coat can harbor a lot of unseen problems, but with our professional pet grooming services, we can return your dog’s or cat’s coat to its natural sheen. Additionally, as an animal hospital, your pet is in the best of hands should they need any medical services. If your pet is anxious at their visit, our veterinarians can prescribe anti-anxiety medications for their next visit or offer sedatives for their current appointment. You can also receive any other needed service at the same time as your grooming appointment including vaccinations, wellness exams, and more!

Our pet grooming services are currently available Mondays and Saturdays. 

Cat and Dog Grooming in Wicker Park

What We Can Do for Your Pet

Our professional groomer can do it all! When scheduling your appointment, be sure to let us know what services your pet will need! Below is a list of our complete grooming services:

  • Bath
  • Blow-dry
  • Brush out
  • Dematting
  • Shave down
  • Hair trims
  • Breed-specific cuts
  • Nail trims
  • Ear cleanings/hair plucking
  • Anal sac expression
  • Medicated shampoos/conditioner

While we primarily service dogs, we also offer basic grooming for your feline friends!

Cat and Dog Grooming Requirements

The safety and comfort of our grooming guests are of primary importance. As such, it’s important that your pet meets certain requirements before they can be groomed.

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations – We require that your pet is up-to-date on their rabies, DA2PP, canine influenza, and Bordetella vaccinations.

(complete annually)

(complete every visit)

Cat getting groomed: Pet Grooming in Wicker Park

Why Pet Grooming is About More Than Looks

Grooming is more beneficial to your pet than making them look better! It also helps them to feel more comfortable in their own skin by preventing matting, skin disorders, and other uncomfortable conditions. Here’s a list of what grooming can do for your pet:

  • Removes dirt, oil, and dead skin and hair
  • Removes allergens from the coat
  • Reduces the discomfort of full anal sacs
  • Decreases the frequency and risk of ear infections
  • Helps keep nails trimmed to prevent snagging and overgrowth
  • Prevents and removes matting, a painful condition that pulls on the skin
  • Helps clear up fungal infections and skin problems
  • Can help identify parasites, lumps and bumps, and other problems that may have gone unnoticed

Help your dog or cat enjoy a higher quality of life with routine pet grooming! Contact us today at (312) 283-7333 to schedule an appointment!