Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Wicker Park, Chicago

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Wicker Park: Startled Cat

Dentistry is another very important service we provide for pets in Wicker Park. A majority of dogs and cats two years old and up are developing or already have dental disease in some form. While this condition is common, it can also be easily prevented with daily home treatment and regular checkups and cleanings at our animal hospital. If your pet’s breath is getting hard for you to bear, then it’s time to bring them in for an oral exam.

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Why Pet Dental Disease is a Problem

When a pet has dental disease, their overall health diminishes:

  • Bacteria from tartar on the teeth can get under the gums, causing painful swelling and infection.
  • Gum tissue and tooth enamel deteriorate, making eating and playing more difficult.
  • This can alter your pet’s behavior, causing them to become irritable or even aggressive if they’re in pain.
  • In a worst-case scenario, bacteria from the mouth may enter the bloodstream and infect the major organs.

Keeping your pet’s mouth clean can prevent all of these issues, which is why we place dental care high on their list of health priorities. Call us at (312) 283-7333 to schedule an appointment. 

Dog Teeth Cleaning Wicker Park: Dog in Living Room

How You Can Protect Your Pet from Dental Disease

At-Home Care

If your pet is very young, try getting them used to having their mouths handled and teeth brushed. It will become easier and your pet will consider teeth brushing just another normal part of their day. If your pet is older and more resistant to brushing, we can help you get them more comfortable with the experience.

We can also try other options, such as a tartar control diet, dental chews, wipes, and more. We offer something for every pet.

Professional Pet Dental Care

Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Park can provide complete dental cleaning services to your pet.

These include:

  • A full oral exam with your pet under general anesthesia so we can be as thorough as possible
  • Digital dental X-rays to look for damage under the gum line and in the inner structures of the teeth
  • Full scaling and polishing of the teeth to remove calculus and smooth the tooth enamel
  • Tooth extractions as needed if your pet has any loose, broken, or decaying teeth