We Accept Pet Insurance in Wicker Park

Has your pet ever had an accident? Certainly, as puppies and kittens, they have a few close calls! Emergencies can happen to any pet at any age and the cost for treatment can vary substantially. Prices can skyrocket into the thousands for more severe emergencies as well as for chronic illnesses over the years. With pet insurance, you don’t have to budget thousands of dollars for your pet’s care for just-in-case emergencies. All you need to do is budget for your monthly premium and deductible, and pet insurance will take care of the rest.

pet insurance in wicker park, il

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance has some similarities to human health insurance. For instance, you’ll pay a monthly premium, a deductible, and will also be responsible for all costs of care that insurance does not cover. Many pet insurance plans cover up to 90% of your pet’s bill for qualifying conditions, leaving you with a much more manageable bill.

However, one big difference between pet and human health insurance is that pet insurance companies do not pay your veterinarian directly. Instead, it’ll be up to you to cover the initial costs of care and then file a claim with your insurance company to be reimbursed.

Choosing the Right Insurance Plan

At Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Park, we accept just about any pet insurance plan out there! This gives you full agency to choose whichever plan works best for your budget and your pet’s health.

Here are some tips for finding the right insurance plan for you and your pet:

  • Consider your pet’s health. Are they a young puppy or kitten with no existing health problems, or are they an older pet with a current condition? Most insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions. It’s also important to consider your pet’s breed, as some insurance plans do not cover common hereditary or congenital problems.
  • Decide what kind of plan you want. Many insurance plans cover unexpected illnesses and injuries, yet some are even more bare-bones and only cover accidents. Still others cover all emergencies as well as preventive care costs! Plans can vary significantly in cost, so find a balance between coverage that works for your pet and a cost that works for your budget.
  • Choose which reimbursement plan works for your budget. There are two ways pet insurance companies reimburse you. One is covering a percentage of the invoice, which could reach up to 90%. The other is to give you an annual benefit of allowances that covers a certain amount each year for each individual condition.
  • Make sure you understand what’s covered. Review the full list of what is and isn’t covered so there are no future surprises down the road. It’s also a good idea to match your pet’s tendencies to a plan’s coverage. For instance, if you know your pet is prone to eating things they shouldn’t, make sure poisonings are covered as well as foreign body removal!

A Glimpse at Pet Insurance Plans

To help you begin your search, we’ve gathered some basic info from two popular insurance companies:


  • One simple plan to choose that covers all unexpected illnesses and injuries
  • Adjust your premium with a sliding scale that affects your deductible and coverage
  • Reimburses the invoice for qualified treatments at 90%
  • No yearly cap to reimbursements


  • Choose from different plans that cover emergencies and/or preventive care.
  • Plans all have different premiums to fit any budget
  • Reimbursements vary for each plan
  • Some plans have caps for how much you can be reimbursed in a year

Need some guidance for choosing pet insurance? Contact us at (312) 283-7333! We’ll be happy to help.

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