Fall & Halloween Pet Safety for an Awesome Autumn

When you think of fall, what comes to mind? Changing leaves, Halloween, cooler weather? Despite the season’s many perks, there are also some dangers for our furry friends! Persistent parasites, rotten rodenticides, and toxic candy are all potential dangers for our pets, and it’s up to you to keep them safe! To help you out, our animal hospital has come up with fall and Halloween pet safety tips, so you can have an awesome autumn season!

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Portrait of a dog against the background of autumn foliage, Pomeranian

Fall Pet Safety Tips

  • Seasonal poisons – Fall brings out some poisonous substances for our pets, including antifreeze and rodenticides! Store antifreeze and rodenticides way out of paws’ reach. And when using either, make sure your pet isn’t around and isn’t able to access it after you leave the area.
  • Fiendish fungus – Mushrooms will be popping up in this cooler weather, and it’s possible you’ll encounter them on your daily walks. While most are harmless, a few mushroom varieties are dangerous and could be fatal, so steer your pet clear of them!
  • Allergies again – Seasonal allergies are common among our pets and cause itchy, irritated skin. The fall season often sees a resurgence of allergy symptoms in pets. If you notice your pet scratching a lot, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to get them relief.
  • Persistent pests – Despite the cooler weather, fleas and ticks are still active! Fleas often find refuge in our homes, while ticks can be active in weather as cold as 35 degree Fahrenheit! Keep up your pet’s parasite prevention all year round to ensure their protection.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

  • Candy conundrum – While delicious to us, candy can be a serious problem for our pets. Chocolate is just one poisonous ingredient in many candies. An artificial sweetener called xylitol, certain nuts, and raisins are all also poisonous to your pet. Keep all candy well out of reach.
  • Costume commotion – When you’re in costume, it might change your appearance so much that your pet may not recognize you! This can cause anxiety, particularly if the whole family is dressed up! Watch your pet for signs of anxiety around costumed people, and put them in a room of their own if they seem unsettled! Additionally, don’t dress your pet up if they are anxious and irritated in their costume. A festive bandana works just as well!
  • Dangerous décor – Decorations are one of the best parts about Halloween, but always make sure to supervise your pet around them. Cats and dogs are curious creatures, and may investigate flickering candles and jack-o’-lanterns, possibly knocking them over. Furthermore, the cords for electrical lights and animatronics often look enticingly like
    chew toys, so secure these wires away from curious noses!
  • Scary noises – The ever-ringing doorbell, squeals of excited children, and the sounds of Halloween recordings can all upset and frighten our pets. Minimize these noises by sitting outside so kids don’t have to ring the door and make sure your speakers playing all those ghastly tunes are facing away from your home.

Looking for more information about fall pet safety or Halloween safety tips? Contact us at (312) 283-7333 or schedule an appointment and talk to us then!

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