Meet Our Veterinarians and Staff

Allow us to introduce ourselves—your veterinary staff in Wicker Park! At every level, we’re animal lovers, healers, name it. We’re passionate about helping others, and we think it shows!

Meet the veterinarians and supporting staff members that make Companion Animal Hospital a warm, welcoming place for all.

Megan Moser DVM

dr. Megan Moser

Even as a kid, I knew I wanted to work or be around animals as much as I could. As I evolved into more vet care as a veterinary technician, I then realized I wanted to be even more involved with their well-being and health. That's when I attended St. George’s Veterinary School. After graduation, I settled down in San Francisco. While there, I worked at a 24-hour emergency hospital and general practices for 12 years. The best thing about veterinary medicine for me is solving the most complex of cases and providing relief to pets and humans alike, during difficult times. Some of my toughest and most memorable cases were dealing with animals that were suffering from second- and third-degree burns. Most were from house or apartment fires and their needs and treatment plans were complex. Helping to get them through their recovery was amazingly fulfilling.

Since I was previously living on the West Coast, I am excited to explore the different neighborhoods and restaurants the Chicago area has to offer.

More about Dr. Moser:

Special interests in veterinary medicine?


Most unusual pet she's treated?

Iguana and a Horned Owl

Favorite place to visit?

La Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Favorite sports team?


Three things people might be surprised to know:

  1. I am number 7 of 8 children. (Irish Catholic, of course!).
  2. My favorite song is "Brandy" by Looking Glass.
  3. If I wasn't a vet, I would be a criminologist.
Dr. Courtney

dr. Jacqueline Courtney

What is your educational and work background?

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a BA in Sociology and earned my veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  I have previously worked in Philadelphia and Memphis before moving back to Chicago.

What made you decide to become a vet?

I graduated from college at the height of the recession and the job market was very tight.  While I initially had not planned to go into veterinary medicine, I was fortunate to find a job as a receptionist at a busy animal hospital in Chicago and you could say the rest is history.

Why did you decide to join the Companion team?

Companion has a very supportive team and the standard for the quality of medicine practiced is excellent.

What is the best thing about being a vet?

I particularly love problem solving with pet owners and my colleagues, as well as the opportunities for lifelong learning.

What is one of the most common problems you’ve encountered in pets you treat?


Do you have any special interests in vet medicine?

I really enjoy senior pet care, internal medicine, nutrition and dentistry.

What is the most unusual pet you have helped treat?

A crocodile while volunteering in Guatemala

What are some of your favorite activities outside of work?

I love cut flower gardening and flower arrangement, exploring the city, travelling, and taking my dogs to new parks

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Loud chewers

Favorite place to visit?

A tie between Tokyo and Prague

Favorite food?

Pizza, hands down

What are your favorite sports teams?

Chicago Bears, US Women’s National Soccer Team, and the Loyola Ramblers

Name 3 things people might be surprised to learn about you:

1.       My close friends and family call me by my middle name

2.       I was the captain of the Loyola Dance Team my senior year in college

3.       I started my own weekly bouquet subscription with flowers grown in my backyard while living in Memphis

Madeline McGowan

Madeline McGowan, Manager

I was born and raised in Edina, Minnesota and moved to Chicago 3 years ago to pursue education and work in the veterinary medicine field. I have loved all kinds of animals since I was young and after having everything from hamsters to horses, I am the proud pet parent of a 17-year old tabby cat named Tigger, a 4-year old Pomeranian named Indie, and a 1-year old cat named Wilson. When I am not working you can find me at Cubs games with friends, finding new restaurants to try in the city, and binge-watching Netflix shows with the cats and dog at home! I am so excited to be working with Companion Animal Hospital and to be part of a team who genuinely cares about the health and safety of your pets.


nicole, customer service representative

I have been in the animal industry for about 6 years now. I slowly worked my way up from working at doggy day-cares to getting my first position at an animal clinic. Animals have been my passion for as long as I can remember and being able to work with them everyday is truly a childhood dream come true. My first word was dog - no surprise there! I am a proud dog mom to my wonderful 5 year old Lhasa Apso Humphrey. I hope to soon add a feline friend to the mix. My favorite things to do in my free time is take Humphrey to the forest preserve, long walks and spending quality time with my significant other. I am proud to work for Companion Animal Hospital who is committed to the greater good of animals. I have learned so many valuable skills to help me grow within my career. I can't wait to meet your fur-babies!


Nathalie, Customer Service Representative

Hi! My name is Nathalie. I always knew from a young age I wanted to work with animals. I grew with all types of pets and quickly learned I would like to work in animal health care. I started my journey about 3 years ago at a doggy daycare. I am excited to continue my path in animal care at Companion Wicker Park! I am a proud parent of two pups, Wendy a 3 year old shih-tzu mix and Buddy a 5 year old mini poodle mix. In my free time you'll find me watching binge watching Netflix/Hulu and cuddling my pups. I also love hiking and exploring new places/restaurants. I'm thrilled to work with such a fantastic team at Companion Wicker Park and can't wait to meet your fur babies!


Taylor, Customer Service Representative

Hello my name is Taylor and I have been in the animal industry for the last three years. Becoming a part of this work environment has truly been a learning experience and highly rewarding! I was born and raised in Chicago and am now raising a little one of my own at home! I also have 2 fur babies; one is a Pit/Lab mix named Darla (after the character from Little Rascals) and a Tabby named Dudeman. I started at Companion not long ago, but I have to say this hospital feels more like a family than anything else! Seeing our patients try to rush into our door should prove that they feel like they are part of our family as well! I cannot wait to meet you and your fur babies!


logan, client service representative

Bio Coming Soon!


Adriana, Veterinary Technician

Hello! My name is Adriana and I have worked in this exceptional field for five years. I first attended Triton College's Veterinary Assistant Program and received my certification. Working with animals has always been my dream since I was young. I am now a dog mom to an 8-year-old Chihuahua named Romeo. I enjoy working with the 'spicy' chihuahuas that come in to the clinic. I also like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. I am so excited to have joined Companion Animal Hospital and get to be a part of such a great team. I look forward to meeting you and your pets!


Ana, Veterinary Technician

Hi I’m Ana! I have been a technician for over five years. I grew up just a few blocks from here so I know the area very well. I have 3 cats named Molly, Biggie and Chucky the Chunk, 2 African ball pythons named Rocco and Orion and a Bearded Dragon named Zeus. In my free time I like to play video games, read murder mysteries and True Crime documentaries on Netflix. The team here calls me the “crazy cat lady” as felines are my specialty, so I look forward to meeting all of your cats and kittens!


Desiree, Veterinary Technician

Oyé! My name is Desireé and it is my pleasure to help you understand your furry family to the best of my ability. I'm a street smart native to this Wild Chicago that grew up taking transit solo exploring different neighborhoods and going to shows around town for fun. From a young age, I longed to care for and better understand others, especially animals, from all walks of life. My love started with a fire bellied toad, I worked with a saltwater tank featuring a white spotted puffer, trained with new dog owners in Oregon and LA before moving into rescue work during a devastating wildfire season. Along the way, I specialized in rehoming and fostering many special needs creatures  including injured wildlife, some of whom were found in my very own backyard!

My current loves are my two rescue cats, Charlie, a brown tabby from a hoarder house and Cheech, a dog- friendly Maine coon. I can't wait to say hello to you and your little friend!


sarah, Veterinary Technician

Bio Coming Soon!


Pierre, offical greeter and companion mascot

Bonjour from Pierre! Pierre is a Companion recruit from PAWS Chicago - who was previously PAWS longest term cat before we adopted him 3 days short of his 4 year reunion! Being diabetic, deaf, and 16 years old made it difficult for Pierre to find a furever home, but when we heard his story, we knew he was perfect! He loves cuddling with the staff and sun bathing in our windows. Make sure to swing by and get some Pierre cuddles!